Thoughts and impressions from Shenzhen, China

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eight per cent growth creates a huge amount of activity. I saw building sites working around the clock and it gives you an idea of what Birmingham or Manchester must have been like during the height of the industrial revolution. The comparison to Victorian Britain also bears up in terms of the emergence of a […]

Now until early February – Hong Kong or Shenzhen: Meet-up, coffee, socialising, networking & cultural stuff

Reading Time: 1 minute I am based out of Shenzhen from now until the end of January when I will send a couple of days in Hong Kong before returning to the UK. I will try and get across more often to Hong Kong, if I can get entry visas back into China easily. I am happy to meet […]

Is it China, or western companies in a financial crisis? Part 1

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was talking to friends about Apple’s letter to investors on January 2. This was almost a month after Jaguar Land Rover had disclosed sales problems in China. The key question that came out was how much were Apple milking the Chinese situation? Was the bulk of their problems really down do China? Or was […]

ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

Reading Time: 1 minute Keyboardio Blog — December 2018: A startling discovery – one of the worst tales I’ve heard about manufacturing in Shenzhen; this is off-the-hook Volkswagen ‘readies to write off’ $300m investment in Israeli ride-hailing service Gett – Business – – digital is a winner takes all environment but I still reckon Uber’s model is BS […]

ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

Reading Time: 1 minute South Korea’s spy cam porn epidemic – BBC News – not just a Korean problem. Technology raises its own social problems and riffs on existing issues in society Times Stands By Editorial Board Member After Outcry Over Old Tweets – The New York Times – Jeong is an expert in internet issues including abuse and […]