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Cyberpunk and things that made my week

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Cyberpunk history part one and two have been done by Indigo Games. I blogged about part one a while ago on the blog. But now I get to share both parts of this Cyberpunk history. The gap reflects the amount of time and effort that went into both series. Part one covers cyberpunk culture up […]

The merge

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I first heard of the merge from Sam Altman’s blog. He said that it was a popular topic of conversation in Silicon Valley to guess when (not if) humans and machines will merge. In a meaningful way rather than just a Johnny Mnemonic-style walking data storage unit. When I heard of this definition of the […]

Magic donkey | 魔術驢 | 마술 당나귀

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I was reading Rob Manuel’s Facebook post about the origin of B3ta’s ‘magic donkey’ and its wider connection to the modern dystopian web experience. B3ta and magic donkey I guess it makes sense to first explain what B3ta is. B3ta is a community of bored driven people with a creative bent and a finely tuned […]

Internet Myths

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There are myths that we tell each other about the internet. These internet myths aren’t helpful. They can adversely affect our planning and our online experiences. So onward to the internet myths: What’s online, stays online forever…. – Tell that to the who were frustrated in their efforts to save Yahoo! Groups for posterity […]


Why is there a page called Bookshelf? I’ve read a good number of books, but only a subset remain on my bookshelf. For instance, I love graphic novels, but I pass them on to friends. They entertain, but in general they don’t stay on the bookshelf. When I say bookshelf that’s probably inaccurate for a […]