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Facebook most shared

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I managed to get hold of some data about the top 10 of Facebook most shared sites and it made some interesting graphs. From a media perspective Facebook has become less social. What does Facebook most shared content tell us? For the past year or so there has been a steady sustained decline in the amount […]

Facebook Live + more things

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Facebook live A Facebook live streaming service (a la U-Stream and YouTube) was newly launched this week. You can stream on your page or in-group. There is a map to discover streams going on in realtime. I already  found one seminar by Nu-Skin a multi-level marketer of wellness and beauty products in Hong Kong as an […]

Facebook Canvas + more news

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Facebook Canvas Creating Facebook Canvas ads: step-by-step guide | The Digiterati – great step-by-step guide by Marie Page. Facebook Canvas. Facebook Canvas are full screen mobile adverts. Facebook Officially Launches Canvas Ads That Load Full-Screen Rich Media Pages In-App | TechCrunch – Instant Articles, meet Instant Ads. Facebook wants to give advertisers an immersive way to reach people […]

Facebook engagement advertising fraud & things that made last week

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A nice video on how Facebook engagement advertising fraud works. The illegitimate way to buy likes from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.  But you see similar fake likes when you you use Facebook advertising. This can be seen in the behaviour of the lakers. The Facebook engagement advertising fraud is run by Facebook itself. […]

Emotion research paper by Facebook

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Over the weekend if you went on to quality (not Buzzfeed) news sites you would have probably seen something about a scientific paper that was published by researchers in the pay of Facebook on how emotion spreads through social networks. Emotion research explainer There was a lot of copy written already about the experiment, so […]