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Android moves to life OS

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If you read the Telegraph online last Wednesday 25th or the Financial Times on Thursday 26th June,   you would have seen some great coverage about Google’s developer conference with Android’s move to become a life OS. There was also coverage about the corresponding rise of the Android economy in the UK. Like iOS and web development, software and services […]

Drop shipping + more stuff

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Is This the End of Drop Shipping from China? | Jing Daily – The profitability and success of the drop shipping model comes from a price disparity between the products manufactured in the Western Hemisphere and those from China, but also from a shipping price disparity. In other words, if the US government increases tariffs […]


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qCPM is emblematic of the state of online advertising. qCPM stands for quality cost per mille. It is used interchangeably with vCPM – valuable cost per mille. The implication being that normal advertising impressions are tainted or of little value. Tainted by advertising fraud, click bots, bad neighbourhoods and faulty data. It is estimated that […]

3 year phone contracts + more things

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Paying for Keeps | CC Insight – 3-year phone contracts will suppress smartphone market even further, that includes 5G handsets (the why 5G in a handset is a whole other question). 3-year phone contracts will also likely encourage SIM only shopping. More wireless related content here. MOFT – World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand – of […]

WWDC 2018 outtakes

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Introduction to WWDC 2018 This summary of the WWDC 2018 keynote has been re-organised to try and provide a bit more coherence as Apple took things in a slightly different order to try and create ‘surprise and delight‘. WWDC 2018 highlighted how cross-platform they’ve evolved Continuity and Siri to try and make them more useful […]