Contradictions in Chinese medicine packaging

Reading Time: 1 minute I suffer from back pain periodically (hey I’m getting old, these things happen), and I use this medicine from Hong Kong to massage into the painful spot. Wong To Yick Wood Lock is the bomb, kind of like a nuclear deep heat which hits the spot and straight burns out the pain. The reason why […]

Links of the day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Webinars – how to get the most out of the Webjam platform Digital Hub FM – really nice local radio station site built on the Webjam platform Time to revisit social media sponsorship | Blog | Econsultancy Travelodge launches iPhone booking service | Blog | Econsultancy apophenia: Bernie Hogan: “Networking in Everyday Life” HP May […]

Links of the day

Reading Time: 1 minute Micro Persuasion: Graph Your Tweets with Twitter Charts – really nice Yahoo! Pipes / Google Charts mash-up’s Sale Hampered By Crunch, Confident Will Survive ‘Dark Days’ | paidContent:UK The Survival Matrix – VC analysis during downturn Intel repudiates executives’ criticism of the iPhone – – PR Fail PR 2.0: Twitter Tools for Community […]

About renaissance chambara and Ged Carroll

Reading Time: 4 minutes Much as I would like this to be a media megacorp of randomness, renaissance chambara is written by just one person me: Ged Carroll. renaissance chambara started off as an experiment to find out about the capabilities of blogging by trying, originally it was postings on the AlwaysOn Network, which at the time was an […]

JargonWatch: Sent to Mordor

Reading Time: 1 minute When Apple engineers are sent from Cupertino, California on intense two-week trips to supervise huge manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China, making sure that designs are faithfully recreated to a suitably high standard of quality is known as being ’sent to Mordor’. The Popbitch email newsletter claims that the phrase originated internally at Apple about the […]