Ged Carroll

The number

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Whilst catching up on my backlog of mails I came across this from CBS Marketwatch on Yahoo! making the number. The number is the consensus that market analysts think that a company will make in a given quarter: NOT MUCH SHOUTING GREETS YAHOO EARNINGSYahoo shares (YHOO) got the boot after the company kicked off a […]

Be nice to myself

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I received an email from my old partner- in-crime Si. I don’t know where he got ‘Be nice to myself’ and ‘I love every body’.  They sound like how a good Saturday nights in a club feels. Enjoy. From: To: ged carroll Date: Sun Jul 11, 2004 03:42:24 PM BST Subject: couldn’t have said it […]

State of the Union

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State of the Union seems to be BBC Radio 4’s way of replacing the late Alistair Cooke’s Letters From America. Replacing Letters from America is a really tough role to fill. State of the Union has got really big shoes to fill. The 15-minute slot from 20h50 – 21h00 on a Friday and repeated from […]

Getting burned

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Interesting article in Bambi Francisco of CBSMarketwatch’s regular email. It seems despite the bust, investors are still up for getting burned. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) – Sometimes, you do what you can to stay afloat.As many market watchers have already observed, there are companies out there that appear to be promising candidates in a hot […]

Spray can revolution

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If you live in London or have been to Shoreditch you’ve probably came across the spray can stencilled graffiti art of Banksy. Talent, anger, political statement and a black sense of humour via Andy Warhol to create provocative stencil art. In the interest of spreading spray can derived revoluton here is Banksy’s guide to creating […]