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50 things that make me happy

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Pat Law published her list of 50 things that make her happy, which reminded me of a list I made back in November 2008 on things that made my day. Why 50 tings that make me happy?  The 50 is a challenge and a limitation in the writing of this post. Like Pat, I am […]

The Playful World by Mark Pesce

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The Playful World was written by Mark Pesce. Pesce was an early pioneer of the web. He was instrumental in bringing a 3d interface to the web through a standard called VRML. This was an early attempt to provide the kind of immersive ‘matrix’ experience envisaged by the likes of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson […]

Spook Country by William Gibson

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I read Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk works a decade ago and felt it was time to visit Gibson’s more recent work. I am not reading them in order, just as they come off the shelf. Spook Country is set in a world similar to the one that we know, and closer in time to now, than […]

Pattern Recognition

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William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition moves his stories from a fantastical future to a world at the bleeding edge of today. A curious advertising company seeks to find out more about a series of video clips that have developed a cult following. The story evokes viral marketing similar to the complex story lines of games like […]

50 books I can recommend

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50 books I can recommend was inspired to write this after having read Zen Habits 50 Amazing and Essential Novels To Enrich Your Library. However it would be presumptious of me to assume that your personal collection of books needed enriching through my intercession, so I decided to choice a more humble title. Some of […]