The rise of the Shenzhen eco-system

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just over 30 years ago China moved from a period of cultural isolation to gradually opening up to the commercial world beyond its borders. The place to naturally start this was in Guangdong province close to the British colony of Hong Kong. A small fishing village grew to become the workshop of the world. The […]

Observations from Shenzhen, China

Reading Time: 4 minutes I spent some time in Shenzhen recently and here is some of the things that I found during my stay. The pace of development is slower than it was before, the number of cranes I saw and ready-mix concrete wagons on the road was less than before. There is still a lot of building work […]

What works and doesn’t work online in Shenzhen

Reading Time: 1 minute I use online services a lot, so I made a list of what worked and didn’t work during my trip here. One of the first things that you notice is the latency on some sites. This is largely because the servers that I am trying to access content or functionality on are on the other […]

In Shenzhen & Hong Kong (30.12.2010 – 18.01.2011) | 前往深圳和香港

Reading Time: 1 minute If the UK weather permits it I will be staying in Shenzhen finding out more about FLVR Studio and traveling across to Hong Kong at least a few times during my stay. I would be interested in catching up with people who already know me and people doing interesting things in the digital | interactive […]