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Barbarians Led by Bill Gates

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I started reading Barbarians Led by Bill Gates after the I’m a PC campaign tried to humanise the brand image of Microsoft. Barbarians is an unusual book: it is unspun lacking the fingerprints of public relations-led storytelling and yet fits uncomfortably between gonzo journalism and business history book. This partly explains the negative reactions that […]

Communications Bill draft

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This is going to be a convoluted long post on the draft Communications Bill, so I just decided to pick a point and start. The Draft Communications Bill, what is it? The Draft Communications Bill is a piece of legislation that builds upon work done by the European Union and the previous Labour administration. It […]

Gates on spam

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Gates on spam Bill Gates wrote to me regarding the latest thinking by Microsoft (ok so its a Microsoft marketing ploy to make me think that Chairman Bill cares even for heretics like me) and some of their partners to curb spam. The mail is interesting, however I have a few concerns on the content […]

The Big Score by Michael Malone

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The author of The Big Score is a lifetime inhabitant of Silicon Valley, Michael Malone. Malone went to school with Steve Jobs and spent his entire working life as a journalist covering technology companies of the area. His own career sounds like a veritable history of technology sector business reporting. Malone had written and or […]


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Last week I heard the acronym NORA mentioned with regards the kind of problems that Microsoft’s algorithm could solve. NORA stands for no one real answer. Search is already pretty good at answering questions like ‘what time is it in Osaka’ or ‘what is the capital of Kazakhstan’. In the mid-2000s NORA would have been […]