Orange has to suck it up or suffer the consequences

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to the latest edition of Mobile magazine, carrier Orange and Avon have a bit of a marketing disaster on their hands with a new mobile phone offer that has been too successful. For every 15GBP spent on ANEW beauty products range customers get a voucher for a new Siemens A55 to be claimed at… Continue reading Orange has to suck it up or suffer the consequences

Loss of Motown Legend: Johnny Bristol

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Independent carried the obituary for Johnny Bristol; a Motown-era producer, singer and songwriter. He was best known to Heart 103 listeners for ‘Hang on in there baby‘. Despite his fair share of pop classics, he was a well-respected artist beloved by fans of rare groove. My own personal favourite was ‘If I can’t stop… Continue reading Loss of Motown Legend: Johnny Bristol

The Evil Weed

Reading Time: < 1 minute Come Monday, smokers will become second class citizens in Ireland. It will be illegal to smoke in the workplace, enclosed public places and on public transport or get fined 7,000 Euros. Country publicans are understandably upset – tabacco sales are a handy sideline to alcohol sales. Also the traditional Irish pub has nicotine coated walls… Continue reading The Evil Weed