Great Stories

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The other day I watched a DVD called Agitator. It is the story of politics and intrigue as one yakusa family seeks to gain leadership of two rival families. In addition to the plot, there is the back story of yakusa members who are changed by age and bitterness. The hero if there is one in the film is Kenzaka, a yakusa of unbending principles. The yakusa are perceived as outsiders, a family for the dispossessed, Kenzaka is a true outsider railing against the world. The IMDB review of this film undersells it. It is criticised as ‘slow’ in reality speeds up and slows down like Sergio Leone’s fistful of dollars trilogy to set moods, create tension and develop characters. The second story is an online graphic novel, the unholy lovechild of Apocalype Now and Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory with a bit of food politics thrown in for good measure.