Saints & Sinners

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I managed to get a copy of the Sunday Tribune for a change, though I never seem to be able to get the magazine. One of the first things that I noticed is that that they ran the same pages in the sports section of the paper twice on S19 and S26, which caused no end of confusion. However Fergus Cassidy wrote a great article on how corporate websites and ecommerce sites are losing out since they are optimised for Internet Explorer (and Internet Explorer doesn’t play nicely with W3C standards). Particular unrepentant ‘straight-to-hell’ sinners in my book are people who use forms on Active Server Page vended sites.

One of my friends sent through this great link to an ecommerce site that talks you though Apple laptop repairs and sells you the bits for a song (well at a reasonably good price at least).

UPDATE: Fergus has posted his article on his blog