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Religous group provides the kids with list of violent and debauched must-play games

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Anybody young enough to remember what is was like being a child or has had children of their own knows that banning items or trying to disuade children from looking at materials is just going to pique their curiosity (think pornography, smoking in the school yard, experimentation wth drink and drugs). With this in mind the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility came up with some suggestions of games that kids will want to play this Christmas:

  1. Doom 3
  2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  3. Gunslinger Girls
  4. Halflife 2
  5. Halo 2
  6. Hitman: blood money
  7. Manhunt
  8. Mortal Combat Deception
  9. Postal 2
  10. Shadow Heart

Special mention was given to America’s Army; a freely downloadable game from the US Army – children of all ages with access to the ‘net can download it with no restrictions. The couldn’t have done any better if Rockstar Games, Bungie and Eidos had done this as a joint spoof viral marketing campaign for the holiday season to promote their respective titles. Their press release can be found here and a streaming video of ‘objectionable’ violent clips here.