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PR pay packets

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According to the Blue Skies winter salary survey of the UK PR industry:

“Since the last Blue Skies survey, the PR consultancy sector in London & the South East continues to demonstrate a robust recovery in recruitment activity levels compared to this period last year. We can report an overall increase in vacancy volumes during the last twelve months.As we indicated in the last survey, the volume of vacancies, generally, has continued to increase and candidates are proving constantly difficult to source, especially those with skills in the technology and healthcare sectors. Despite this, clients continue to be demanding with not much flexibility in terms of experience. Candidates must have the ‘relevant’ media contacts in order to secure even a first meeting. This can prove to be frustrating for those candidates who are willing and eager to look at the challenge of new sectors.



It may be that consultancies also need to be more accepting of those looking to move from in-house as they may be the answer to appointing that sector knowledge required, despite not having the agency experience. There have been a few success stories that we have been involved with that we can share, should anyone need inspiration.Our survey sees a slight rise in junior level salaries. This is backed by a survey carried out by Bournemouth Media School researching the careers paths of the IPR ‘approved’ PR courses in the UK. It reports that approximately 84% of PR graduates found work in PR within 6 months of graduating.


The 2004 figures show more students found work in consultancies than in-house, even though salaries can often be comparably higher on the client-side. It is also interesting to learn that a staggering 82% of the PR graduates were female.Senior level recruitment has continued to be stable. A much needed boost for people at this level who were hitherto confronted with a genuine lack of career opportunity. This level, however, still shows signs of seeing many PR professionals moving to in-house positions as there still appears to be a slight ageism issue in many sectors.


Many of the out-of-town agencies are still benefiting from candidates, more at the senior level, who are seeking to achieve a better work-life balance. It also appears that these companies tend to be a little more flexible on salaries or ‘softer benefits’, such as flexible working hours.These ‘soft benefits’ are also becoming of more interest to inner-London agencies too. Where companies are unable to ‘compete’ for candidates on salary alone, these are often worth highlighting as a means of keeping the best account handlers as well as attracting new talent.


Our advice to agencies in this position is to consider offering improved soft ‘added value extras’ for prospective employees. We never cease to be amazed at the difference a degree of imagination makes for the candidate. These types of benefits might range from duvet days, sabbaticals, client swaps, through to complimentary mobile phones, training budgets and gym memberships. All of these tend to be cheaper than simply paying out higher salaries. Granted, these benefits can’t happen overnight but we’d urge all Agency Heads to consider the potential value of these.”

By the numbers: title / average / maximum

Junior Account Executive (Grad) /£15k / £19k

Account Executive / £18k /£21k

Senior Account Executive / £20k / £25k

Account Manager /£26k /£32k

Senior Account Manager /£32k /£35k

Account Director £45k /£60k

Associate Board /£50k /£60k

Board Director /£60+k /£80+k

Managing Director / £90k / £140k

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3G surprise

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I got rid of my 3G brick from Hutchison 3G UK in August when my contract ran out and am now back on a normal phone. One of my friends Andrew was asked by Orange to try one of their 3G handsets, a Sony Ericsson device. Whilst being no slim jim, it is svelte compared to last years 3G phones. Unfortunately much of the story around his 3G experience was similar to my own.

  • Both he and his girlfriend thought that they would use the video phone, but that hasn’t been the case, many of the features are useful to a salesman at Dixons but get little real world use
  • He is told by friends that they can never get hold of him and always has voice mail waiting for him
  • The battery life less than 24 hours, more like 18 if he leaves Bluetooth on by accident. In comparision I get four days real world usage from the two Nokias that I use. One of which is an old phone the other a 6600 smartphone with the Bluetooth always left on

Despite analysts being quoted in the press about the UK having a 3G Christmas; word on the street is that most of the carriers promotions won’t be launched in time, so traction will pick up in January at the earliest.

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If you’re down, show a little class

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Proctor & Gamble had to do a product recall last week on a battery operated vacuum cleaner that they sold in the US market. The product could overheat in certain circumstances and they had received 14 complaints. I was impressed by the recall notice on the front of the website, it showed real class. Rather than hiding behind legalese, they put personality to it and even had it signed by ‘Kris from the Swiffer team’. This conduct is likely to help them protect their Swiffer brand and reduce panic amongst consumers whilst still ensuring an orderly recall of the product.

I have pasted the copy below because I have no idea how long P&G will keep it on their website.

Swiffer Sweep+VacImportant product news

As you know, we are very sorry to announce that Swiffer will be voluntarily recalling our new product, Sweep+Vac. The Sweep+Vac is our new battery-operated vacuum cleaner brought to you in September 2004.

We are pleased to reassure you that this product recall does not involve any of our other great Swiffer products.

We have identified an isolated Sweep+Vac product quality issue. Click here for complete details.

If you have this product at home, we are asking that you stop using the Sweep+Vac immediately and disconnect the Sweep+Vac by removing the top section of the handle. Click here for instructions on how to disassemble your Sweep+Vac.

Even though this issue has been observed in just a few Sweep+Vac units, we have taken this voluntary measure to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and satisfaction by recalling Sweep+Vac as quickly as possible. If you have purchased a Sweep+Vac, we would like to provide you with a refund. Click here for refund instructions.

We’d like to thank the initial consumers who alerted us to this problem. We are very committed to delivering the highest standard of product quality and take these types of issues very seriously.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support of Swiffer,

Kris from the Swiffer team