Does PR drive sales?

According to SWIFT Communications it does, SWIFT has an interesting piece of research that they have written up as an article. From that research sales decision makers are more likely to believe in PR than their counterparts in marketing. Why the perception gap? – First of all I would enter forth a paraphrased version of […]

Dream Marketing Role on JOTW email list

Unfortunately I can’t speak a word of Dutch. Marketing Manager, Levi’s Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands To develop and implement a consumer and a trade marketing plan for the Levi’s(R) brand in The Netherlands. To implement programs that support key retailers, in order to achieve country Annual Operating Plan financial and equity targets. Critical Results Implement the […]

St Bez patron saint of ravers

Whilst not a great consumer of television, I was pleased to see that the Celebrity Big Brother media circus picked Mark ‘Bez’ Berry of the Happy Mondays fame as its winner. Bez was the space cadet that inspired a generation to dance with this loping plod and ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ hand movements […]

That hoax VW commercial

For the past fortnight or so there has been a buzz building up on the web about a viral clip based on a Volkswagen commercial playing on the Polo. Small but Tough campaign. In the advertisement a terrorist steps out of his house into a VW Polo, drives to a European style cafe where their […]

Young consumers reject converged devices allegedly

According to research by Mobeon Labs (via netimperative), 16-19 year olds are mostly likely to use SMS and voice on their phones rather than MP3 players, radios or video messaging. In addition, they do not understand the services offered by carriers or see much difference between operators. All the expensive brand-building work done by the […]