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Daggers Drawn

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Daggers Drawn

I managed to get to see one of the most eagerly awaited Chinese films of 2004 with my friend Steve; House of Flying Daggers. The film was a mix of wirework acrobatics, martial arts skill and Western style computer graphics. The plot nipped along at a rate of knots until the final fight setpiece when the heroine came back more times from the dead than Lazarus and Jesus combined; a truly operatic scene.

Unexpectedly for a martial arts film it has enough romantic bits in it you can bring her indoors along to watch it with you. An entertaining film, but does not compare to the Jet Li film Hero made around the same time.

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I’m looking forward to seeing House of Flying Daggers as I’ve heard great things about it. However this weekend I opted to see The Aviator instead, which should be in the running come Oscar time. Leo Dicaprio is truly a great actor and his performance as Howard Hughes is mind blowing. I second you for saying Hero is a top film.

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