Belief Systems

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And yea it came to pass, Steve came before a multitude of the faithful and unveiled a small beige box and they saw that it was good. The box did say hello on its screen and was given the sacred name Macintosh. A name that shall be revered by the faithful for the next 21 years. Now you can share this biblical moment with friends on the 21st anniversary of the Mac with family and unknown passers by by downloading this 21 meg or so Quicktime file of the original Macintosh launch courtesy of a German media agency who kept their original copy locked in a vault. Thanks to Industrial Technology and Witchcraft.

Various Muslim organisations have been whipping themselves into a frenzy over the forthcoming series of 24. The Muslim Council of Great Britain have complained about series four of 24 not showing a balanced view of the muslim community. An old saying goes somewhat along the lines that the strongest voice often masks a weak argument, expect that Sky’s publicists must be over-the-moon by this counter-endorsement. Do not expect Sky to edit or halt the showing of 24. On the contrary this is a great way of making 24 into must-see TV.From a PR point of view the muslim community’s concerns would be relatively easy to rebuff. Coverage on Media Bulletin here. The Muslim Council of Great Britain press release on its concerns about 24 is here.