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St Bez patron saint of ravers

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St Bez patron saint of ravers

Whilst not a great consumer of television, I was pleased to see that the Celebrity Big Brother media circus picked Mark ‘Bez’ Berry of the Happy Mondays fame as its winner. Bez was the space cadet that inspired a generation to dance with this loping plod and ‘big fish, little fish,

cardboard box’ hand movements that went well with ecstacy-fuelled clubbing. When not appearing on stage with Shaun Ryder and Co. you could often see him doing his thing at the Hacienda.

Bez was an ideal clown prince for the Celebrity Big Brother farce. If you read the Daily Star on Sunday you would have found out that Bez was saved by Cliff Richard’s millenium prayer when he was hospitalised and had never had sex with more than two women at a time during the heightof his stardom. Then there is a keep fit video in the offing and a couple of gigs with the Mondays in March. All this work will help him pay off the 10,000GBP tax demand from the inland revenue.

Rave on, Bez!

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Thanks Ged for introducing me to Bez and the Happy Mondays via the Pirate Communications music appreciation scheme. I loved the music and was intrigued to find out more about the Band.

24 Hour Party People was the answer. I now know all about Factory Records, Joy Division, New Order, the Hacienda and the beginnings of the rave culture. Nice one.

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