New Fangled Interweb Guide for Laggards

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PR colossus Hill & Knowlton have posted a guide to web logs, podcasts and RSS on their website. First of all the old biblical saying of pointing out the stick in the eye of others, but ignoring the plank in their own sprang to mind: H&K have not updated some of their own webpages for what looks like four years, in particular the page pertaining to the technology practice.


There is a great phrase in the brief about blogging When the likes of the FT and Forbes talk about it (blogging) and the outspoken vice-chairman of GM starts doing it, you know it must be big business. Hmm, I remember when the agency I worked at launched General Motors e-strategy with a web cast: round about the time the Internet bubble peaked, right before the pop! and if a phenomena is being talked about in Forbes and the FT on a regular basis then I would say an organisation have already missed the boat on taking advantage of the trend in question, if you want competitive advantage look for the next things coming along and focus on doing them well instead.I can see fund managers waiting for the next H&K ‘new-new-thing’ brief coming out and using it as a flag to start selling stock in that technology area as it had become overcooked.