Music and Gadgets

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First off with music, my friend and producer Uri Levanon has a relatively new blog here that seems to straddle both music and technology, you can find it here.

3GSM is rapidly turning into a gadget fest that Comdex or CeBIT would be worthy of. The amount of mobile devices and services offered by carriers and vendors shows a new found confidence within the technology sector. Push to talk over cellular (PoC), a Nextel-type walkie-talkie service seemed to be the flavour-de-jour. With some notable exceptions, from examination of press photographs the product design of many of these products is still pretty shoddy. You can outsource your manufacturing to Asia, but spend some of the savings on some good design people!Philips described their 655 as ‘being ideal for self portraits’ with its built in mirror. I expect to see it being used by ‘media types’ in many Soho clubs as an impromptu surface to cut a line of charlie on. Talk about niche marketing and targeting trend setters.

If you want to catch up with what has been happening at 3GSM try Mobile Burn, Tech Digest or Gizmodo on for size.