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Thanks to Stephen for two election related links, Channel 4 news online features alternative political party adverts made by a creative team at a London advertising agency. Makes for more interesting viewing than the actual party political broadcasts. The Unincredibles is a flash animation that encapsulates political satire with voter apathy in a homage to Pixar Pictures The Incredibles, this is so much touching on the public pulse that it made Friday’s Evening Standard newspaper

Uri sent me a link to the Dubtribe Sound System site as they are now doing regular mixes available via Podcasting. This seems to have be a bit of a theme as the BBC is also starting to distribute programming via Podcasting.

Star Wars Revelations is a 40-minute fan film with DVD disk images available via BitTorrent. The movie has the same wooden dialogue that we have come to expect from George Lucas. What is really impressive is the special effects that have been created on a budget.