Dude, that Mary Jane’s email is the chronic

Reading Time: < 1 minute hp’s UK PR machine got a survey done with TNS, the most publicised part of the story was that email damages ones IQ more than using marijuana. I guess they don’t want to sell more iPaq’s, laptops and ProLiant servers then? More details at CNN online. Dude that PowerPoint attachment you sent me left me… Continue reading Dude, that Mary Jane’s email is the chronic

Corporate Citizenship & Edge Networks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Business Ethics magazine in the US has launched its top-100 businesses of 2005. What I found interesting was the amount of smoke stack industries appearing high in the list from semiconductor manufacturers like Intel to diesel engine company Cummins. More here, kudos to Smalldog.com’s Kibble & Bytes newsletter. Over at PBS.org Bob Cringely talks about… Continue reading Corporate Citizenship & Edge Networks