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Vivid Imagination, Private, Hustler…..

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Is Rockstar Games about to join the titans in ‘adult entertainment’? According to Reuters, California legislators want to put violent video games in the same space as pornography and forbid its sale to minors. If this becomes a widespread trend it could have a tremendous knock-on effect for the computer games industry. Although the Playstation helped to extend computer games into adult males, children and teenagers are still a very important market.

Having this market taken away from them will adversely affect sales of games and consoles. Given that gaming is considered a major growth opportunity for Microsoft and the main thing that has kept Sony in the black for a considerable amount of time, this law change is dynamite.

In addition, where California has pioneered the world has followed; catalytic converters on your car for instance. Anti-computer game laws are also expected to pass in Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina. Ironically the law will have the least impact on Nintendo who have always pitched their games as more child-friendly material.

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