First-World Sachet Marketing, its better to arrive than to travel and Hot Java

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Sachet marketing was developed in emerging powerhouse economies like Brazil, India and China to enable FMCG companies to sell their products to more customers. Now the concept has been used by Proctor & Gamble and Kraft Foods subsiduary Nabisco to sell their products in the US and combat obesity at the same time by adopting sachet marketing as ‘portion control’. Oreos and Pringles will be sold in 100 calorie micro packs according to the New York Times. may have sold out to Travelocity at the right time, the New York Times has an interesting article about the rise of hypercompetition as the online travel industry matures.

Finally, Dutch telecoms news site Telecompaper has an interesting article about the Java economy, over 579 million Java compatiable mobile phones from 30 different manufacturers have now been sold, and a supporting an economy worth about 100 billion USD has been developed.