Y U Consume?

Knowledge@Emory has an interesting article for marketers about targeting consumers. Sounding like something out of the 1950s ‘Tactics To Tackle The Teen Market’ has some interesting case studies and common sense outtakes.

In summary:

  • US ‘generation Y’ consumers (born late 1980s and 1990s) were responsible for spending 169 billion USD
  • A lack of parental time is driving up the amount of money that teens have to spend as overworked folks resort to cheque-book caring
  • Teens are trendsetters defining tomorrows hit products
  • Teens don’t liked to be treated by brands in a condescending manner
  • Teens want ‘truthful’ advertising
  • Teens willingness to experiment offers an opportunity to new market entrants
  • Online advertising is a more important media to reach teens
  • Don’t try and BS them