Reading the Tea Leaves

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Buttonwood column in The Economist has some interesting takes on the current interest in internet stocks again. The column puts forward data from both the bull and bear point of view regarding internet stocks: Interesting take-outs: Forrester Research figures quoted: That in the US people spend about 35% of their media time online but… Continue reading Reading the Tea Leaves

Level 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes had an interesting report from Dow Jones Newswire how Level3 the backbone network provider had been exhibiting Enronesque traits. Level 3’s capital-intensive business model is questioned (subscription required) by Helen Draper highlights how Level3 is having to invest huge amounts of money to make just a little money back, hurting its working capital. This… Continue reading Level 3

Smart Futures

Reading Time: < 1 minute AlwaysOn have a number of great webcasts from the AO Innovation Summit 2005 in Stanford. I was particularly interested in the discussions on smart phones. Outtakes: – I loved the description by one of the speakers about changing the names of smartphones to ‘social computers’. Whilst this was true – its a computer that is… Continue reading Smart Futures