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Revolution Postponed

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I don’t visit Red Herring online as much as I used to, but noticed today that they had decided to finish their blog on June 23rd. The blog had been running for the last year. I checked on Yahoo! News, Google News and there was not one article about the blog being shut down, nor did anything come up on Technorati. Unread or unloved? I don’t know, but it is interesting that the media business heads in their wisdom decided to terminate this experiment after giving it a reasonable amount of time to mature and develop.

Is this just another part of the puzzle showing that blogging is not the media revolution its ‘long tail’ evangelists would have you believe?

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In an interesting turn of events both Wired News and equity analyst Safa Rashtchy of Piper Jaffray in the latest issue of its Silk Road newsletter wrote articles that showed the success story of eBay is starting to develop cracks.

Power Sellers are looking to alternative outlets, onerous fees, online fraud, a desire for a differentiated shop window and declining margins have made the online marketplace lose some of its appeal.

Is eBay still the daddy, or is it showing its age?

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Gaming the System

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The FT has a review of Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes. Hughes was a marketer at a ( who managed to avoid blowing their money on brand building ads, relying instead on creating a buzz through marketing stunts.

Reviewer Gary Silverman takes the review in an unusual direction as he uses it to critique the media industry and its reliance on traditional advertising as its main source of revenue. Silverman recognises that this is an ever shrinking pot and rather than helping journalists with compelling stories, buzz marketing techniques are undermining the business of journalism.

Meanwhile the New York Times has got a great article that shows how the very innovation that helped grow Silicon Valley is now aiding competitors. Despite improvements in profits and growth for valley companies, the number of jobs in the region has fallen by 10,000 since last year. Software engineering being hardest hit.