Temporary Retreat

I won’t be posting for the next week or so, instead I thought I would leave this delightful picture of Drea De Matteo.

Palm to announce Treo 670 / 700?

Rumours and pictures of the Palm Treo 670 have circulated for months. Now it looks like there may be some truth in them. Microsoft, Palm and Verizon holding a joint conference means that this isnt another Palm supports Microsoft Exchange or .net frameworks for infidel devices. This looks more like the real deal. (Picture courtesy […]

Shoot the marketing department

Dell cigarette lighter Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Dell recently launched its latest MP3 product the Dell DJ Ditty. It is designed by Dell to compete with the iPod Shuffle. First of all the name, what kind of marketer would labour their ‘cool’ new product with the name ditty. You’d only go and ask for one […]


Essential Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. OK so you have your favourite IM service that you like to use, but its a free world and some people are just wrong and chose MSN instead. Or you have an ID for years on ICQ that some people still use. What do you do with them all? When […]

Toy Time

I passed the the model shop on High Holborn and spotted some gems that I will share on this blog over the next few entries. First up was a Scalextric set with a Ford Torino, a skittish handling toy car based on a skittish handling real one; talk about a marriage made in adult childhood […]