Miscellaneous modern culture artifacts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recycling the past seems to be the big news in dance music at the moment. A series of Todd Terry classics have been re-released, my recommendation is the remix of The Texican on the flipside of Orange Lemon’s Dreams of Santa Ana. E2 E4 by Manuel Goettsching was a 60 minute piece of modern composition… Continue reading Miscellaneous modern culture artifacts

Information Economy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Though its a ‘watching the pennies’ article, How to tame an inflated entertainment budget by Damon Darlin in the New York Times provides a good insight into how much of consumer spending is now absorbed by the information economy. This outstrips groceries, heating, electricity, healthcare and clothing. Old fashioned live events like the opera and… Continue reading Information Economy

Generation Y Finds A New Marketing Voice – Gen Y!

Reading Time: 2 minutes A design and marketing company called 3iYing has enlisted the help of 15 – 25 year old girls to help develop more effective marketing strategies.Earlier this year a group of 8 young women enlisted by 3iYing walked into the Virgin Mobile office and told them their teen marketing strategy was all wrong. The girls pointed… Continue reading Generation Y Finds A New Marketing Voice – Gen Y!