Mobile Game Shift

Reading Time: 2 minutes , we Microsoft finally woke up to the fact that the net has finally grown into the computer and moved its game (extend, embrace and extinguish the competition). Meanwhile, high school girls from Allgeheny county in Pennsylvania complained about sexist Abercrombie & Finch t-shirts. Though by the looks of it, I have my suspicions that… Continue reading Mobile Game Shift

Absolut Marketing

Reading Time: < 1 minute One of the things that surprised me about the way in which the PSP was launched and marketed was that it did not play to Sony’s Japanese roots.The launch instead was bland. They launched a product not a cultural phenomena with a brand personality like the iPod or the original PlayStation. The Absolut Metropolis campaign… Continue reading Absolut Marketing

By the numbers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Michael Moe of ThinkEquity Partners has put together some interesting US statistics on the business of public holidays at AlwaysOn Network (registration required).Especially interesting is the level of adult participation estimated to be at 30 per cent, with the number climbing to 50 per cent for the 16 – 24 year-old age band. The most… Continue reading By the numbers