Plane speaking on good manners

Reading Time: 2 minutes At one time air travel was the height of sophistication, now it’s another piece of public transport. With this decline in perception has come a corresponding decline in good manners amongst passengers. Thankfully the folks at WWNK (What We Now Know) email newsletter has come with some air travel ettiquette tips in time for the… Continue reading Plane speaking on good manners


Reading Time: 2 minutes Bloomberg has a report on how politically-minded New York district attorney Eliot ‘The Enforcer’ Spitzer is investigating anti-trust behaviour by the major record companies surrounding price fixing of digital music. The news came out after a subpeona was served on Warners Music. In the todays climate this may be hard to prove, which is why… Continue reading RIAA=RICO

Aunty Gonzo

Reading Time: < 1 minute The BBC tries out some gonzo journalism online. Nicky Taylor played the role of Raoul Duke admirably as she investigated the perils of binge drinking. Nicky managed to consume a chav-tastic 519 units of alcohol. More details in Through a Glass Very Darkly. Good to see that the TV licence money is being well spent….The… Continue reading Aunty Gonzo