Boxman online retail

Reading Time: 2 minutes Boxman My first transaction online was registering and paying for a piece of shareware software at for my Mac whilst I was still in college. I can’t remember what it did now, but I remember that the author was a student at a Scottish university. The first physical item was bought from Boxman a… Continue reading Boxman online retail

Jack’s Back Baby, Jack’s Back

Reading Time: < 1 minute  Those lucky buggers in the States now have series five of 24. Over at they have an interview with the writers, where they talk about the methodology for ensuring plots that get the viewer to suspect their disbelief, why complexity engages audiences, how the real-time action concept came up and the renaissance in quality… Continue reading Jack’s Back Baby, Jack’s Back


Reading Time: 3 minutes McKinsey the management consultancy have highlighted the ten trends that they feel are the most important future influences on businesses.   Centres of economic activity will change regionally as well as globally (due to shifting demographics) The public sector will grow due to older populations and will have to be funded by productivity gains The… Continue reading Trendspotting