Jargon Watch and Code Sludge

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MSM – shorthand for mainstream media: the kind of publications that web 2.0 advocates think will be washed a way in a sea of RSS feeds, XML data and AJAX-coded pages. It’s funny how web 2.0 companies want the benediction of substantial coverage in these magazines though isn’t it? Kudos to Richard Edelman.I looked forward to the debut of Plaxo on the Mac. I think that its a great service if you use it wisely and not spam the-world-and-their-dog with it.

The product is a beta which often means not fully functional, watch out for side effects. In my case the product slowed my computer right down so that the only thing that worked was the spinning beach ball cursor and my Mac would no longer recognise my iPod.

I hope that Plaxo resolves these issues and unveils a product ready for prime-time.

Picture courtesy of CBS News.