PR masterclass

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This special installment of PR masterclass comes courtesy of Popbitch email newsletter. How to use a celebrity to your advantage and maximise your publicity budget:

1. Have a new online gambling company? Look around for a popular, downmarket celebrity to front it.

2. Announce that Kerry Katona is the new face of your brand.

3. Watch her career slide under accusations of drug use and boozing.

4. Decide you want to get rid of her but don’t want to look like you’re kicking her while she’s down.

5. Prepare to leak to the papers that she’s been up to some bad behaviour so her contract has to be ripped up.

6. You get publicity, the tabloids get a story, Kerry gets thrown out on her ear, you don’t look bad.

… 7. Except it’s not a good idea to discuss this so openly on a Palma-London EasyJet flight,

within earshot of two reporters… The moral of the story is of course not to fly with budget airlines where this nothing to eat, drink or read and so you have to talk about business. Also fly first-class so you won’t have to be surrounded by lots of beastly people? ;-)

There is an old adage that was attributed to the founders of Hill & Knowlton that you shouldn’t say in public anything that you wouldn’t be happy seeing in the following mornings papers.