Spin Sinners

Reading Time: < 1 minute The New Yorker magazine has a interesting article on how the debate surrounding the lacklustre DeVinci Code film is being managed on behalf of Sony Pictures in the US, by a specialist PR agency who has managed corral the debate on to a specially-designed website that sounds like a parody of participation media.The employment of… Continue reading Spin Sinners

A nail in the coffin of eBay

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is a link going around at the moment, I received from both HolyMoly and B3Ta newsletters regarding an allegedly missold laptop on eBay. The purchaser took retribution by posting the previous owners personal information on the blog including his email address, family pictures, terrorist attack pictures, a doctored passport scan and an alleged fetish… Continue reading A nail in the coffin of eBay

Raiding the Radar

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had originally surfed over to the O’Reilly Radar blog to find out how they were handling the controversy over the Web 2.0 service mark dispute with IT@Cork.The dispute seemed to be out of character for O’Reilly Media and was in danger of alienating some of their customers even if they hadn’t heard of IT@Cork… Continue reading Raiding the Radar