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Holy smokes, somebody actually reads press releases

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Media maverick Charles Arthur’s spurning of PRs as a source of stories along with their dreaded press releases has put him out on the limb as a knowledge worker according to US research outfit Outsell HotTopics: 2006 User Update – How Information Providers Can Keep Pace With User Demands For Time-Saving Solutions.Search engines were found to be of no use to knowledge workers a despiritingly high 30 per cent of the time. (Kudos to

One reply on “Holy smokes, somebody actually reads press releases”

Wow, now I’m a maverick? How intriguing. I just thought I was a follower where folk like Doc Searls already seemed to have set up shop. Maybe not.

Anyhow – I might be on a limb as far as press releases goes (note I didn’t say I don’t read them; I said I don’t get stories from them, which is slightly different.. one doesn’t drink the ocean to sail across it), I think I’m clambering onto a new one by adopting RSS, which generates more actual *stories* for me each week than press releases.

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