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Interesting survey over at Duncan Chapple’s blog over which analyst houses have the most influence.Whilst the split may may change depending on what tech sector your client is in, its an interesting piece of research; particularly when you see the dominance of US focused players.

And the fact that a good third of the most influential analysts are in the other category indicating a large amount of fragmented trusted expertise.

Meanwhile the GSM Association have a handy site that allows you to compare roaming charges when you visit different countries in Europe.

I tried it using Orange post paid as my settings to have a look at different carriers. What I found interesting was that in the countries that I sampled (Germany, Ireland, Spain, France) there was not price differential between the carriers. Of course this was an unscientific test isn’t at all indicative of price fixing is it?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post. I should just mention that we surveyed people in IT firms to ask them which analyst firms they think are most influential. Of course, which firms really are influential is something for which we survey buyers, rather than suppliers, and we get rather dfferent results!

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