Requiem for the page

Yahoo!’s three-year old home page design is being replaced in the US with other countries soon to follow as the site becomes more web 2.0 buzz compliant and is more in keeping with the luck and feel of newer and revamped properties. It would be good if they could reinvigorate the look and usability of the search homepage in a similar AJAX fashion.It gives a better user experience (and hopefully a stickier one) at the price of losing a little on network advertising inventory space for Yahoo! properties (though I may be wrong on that one). How many casual users will realise the blood, sweat and code that went into the new look.

It plays nicely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari which is good news. I will wait to hear from Ian Wood if does equally well on Opera.

2 Replies to “Requiem for the page”

  1. Ged, guess what Yahoo re-work does not work fully with Opera 9 ;-) Whilst on the fixed side this is not a great problem other than with email it means that the new format does not work. On the mobile side it is important as ALL my handsets run Opera Mini and so Yahoo once again has missed a trick. But then we know that because Y!Go is such a success. Guess it just goes to explain why the income was flat for H1.

  2. Thanks Ian, bit of a disappointment, hopefully they’ll correct it in the future.

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