Online value

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bob Cringely’s article got me thinking about a number of questions.- If a story is less likely to be read because of the nature of online media versus print media, how should this be factored into credibility and reputation (like opportunities to see numbers do currently for print and broadcast)? – Does the nature and… Continue reading Online value

Link of the day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bob Cringely at has an interesting article: They wrap fish, don’t they about the limitations of consuming news online versus in a newspaper. Key points: Most of the news published on an online site is less visible and harder to find than a paper Internet news also tends to be serial. The New York… Continue reading Link of the day

MemeWatch: Five social media tools bloggers can’t do without

Reading Time: 2 minutes This meme first came to my attention on Drew Benvie’s blog, he has a good summary on some people’s answers there. My suggestions: Blogger – yes it is tempramental and the spell-checker is dyslexic, it is virtually unusable with Safari, but its what I have been using to blog for the past two years and… Continue reading MemeWatch: Five social media tools bloggers can’t do without