Jargon Watch – Diggscape

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Jason Calacanis over on his blog tries to create a new meme to encourage usage of the new Netscape website.Diggscape – The action of submitting a story to both DIGG and Netscape, or asking users to vote for your story on the two services.

There is still the opportunity to get this on to UrbanDictionary as well, as it is currently undefined.

It’s interesting the way Jason has tried to get Netscape direct injected into the online Zeitgeist and is something that PRs can learn from.

It will be interesting to see how successful Netscape becomes in its new reincarnation. What is also very interesting is the way that Jason has removed other services like del.icio.us, reddit and Yahoo! MyWeb and pared it down just him and Digg.

Thus setting up a classic David and Goliath-type story, with Netscape being David.

One of the biggest problems that I had as a PR person when I worked inhouse at Yahoo! was that the dominant (maybe monopolistic position?) of Google meant that the name of the search engine became a verb to describe the act of searching online itself. Despite my best efforts I even found myself slipping into it a few times.

Now that the profit imperative has been removed I google with abandon.