Oprah time: Factory Records – The Complete Graphic Album

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I decided to freshen up the look and feel of the blog, I think that it looks much cleaner, the blog was starting to get weighed down with all kinds of web 2.0 tat from a feed of my bookmarks from Yahoo! MyWeb to a flash feed of my pictures on flickr it was starting to looking like a racing car. I was given a copy of Factory Records – The complete graphic album compiled by Matthew Robertson which has all the iconic factory artwork, growing up in the North of England during the 1980s this book was like some weird time machine taking back to places I’d long since left .

If I’d realised that my Hac membership card was really such a piece of design history, I wouldn’t have thrown it way when I moved down to London after 11 – 13 Whitworth Street closed for the last time.

Having done press work with Bradley Horowitz, I know that he’s a stand-up guy. So I took his recommendation of Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail as a good read seriously. I have had my doubts about Anderson’s book, I mean anything that has been hyped that much has got to be distrusted. right?