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Google the verb

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Google has finally woken up to the fact that the very art of googling upon which the business is based chips away at the company’s right to own its own brand.’Google it’ as in to search online using the Google search engine is legally verbotten. If its legal stormtroopers don’t crack down soon anybody could call a web site Google something or other.

I guess its time to Yahoo! that Bitch as Ian Rogers said.

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The first time I heard this story, my thinking, along with pretty much everyone else, was that following the censorship fiasco in China, Google was pretty much going against everything it once stood for. Surely any company would not be so pedantic as to threaten to sue anyone who uses its brand name in everyday usage – possibly the biggest complement to any brand. However, having read the explanation for the stance – they didn’t want Google to be used as a general term for searching because it would lose its ‘special status’ otherwise known as ‘genericide’, giving yo yos and trampolines as an example – I think it is a fair point. I am not totally sticking up for Google, they could have handled this much better and known the mass media would have chosen to try and put a negative spin on things, but I am not too keen on the idea that this company is run by the decedents of Satan, especially when there are far more corrupt organisations out there – the US government for one.

Stephen, I think that you’ll agree is that its all about the execution, tone and manner. It wasn’t Googlzilla that I was particularly bothered about but its PR and legal people for handling this badly.

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