Here comes the rain

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Yahoo! has warned that online media sales were on the low side. I must admit the new marketing campaign to give a K-Mart-style voucher for a cup of joe from Dunkin’ Donuts in order to win viewers away from Google, YouTube and MySpace seemed a bit lame – I bet Soho Square and Ogilvy got paid a mint for that one.I can see how it effectively communicates the ‘human, fun, irreverent, simple, modern, approachable, trustworthy and striving’ brand values of Yahoo! (not).

Word to the wise, people who clip coupons for a cup of coffee are not likely to be the most attractive users for advertisers or personify the funky image you want to portray – think time-rich, cash-poor blue-collar grandparents or security guards.

Merits of the campaign aside, it also indicates that bottomless growth is no longer the vogue in internet land. Couple that with larger than healthy inventories for the semiconductor sector and you have indicators of a technology slowdown or recession early next year.

Only yesterday it seemed like 1998 again, now it seems like November 2000.