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Hybrid apps aren’t the new black – Mash-ups – useful yes, new economy no. Mashups are a digital equivalent of a well established real world phenomenon 

Business hotels for non-guests – Hoxton hotel offers private offices for non-guests, this is an interesting move that provides a stylish alternative to the services offices of the world. 

NewsCorp may not use internet portals 
 – NewsCorp were always well behind where the market was going. It is hard to believe that they were only thinking about their internet portal strategy when we were well into the web 2.0 online world

Social Bookmarking face-off – social bookmarking is an under utilised service. It has an outsize importance due to its use by content creators in their own work flow. Just don’t expect it to be the next MySpace or Facebook

Groklaw – making sense of the SCO train crash. SCO seemed to have been used as a legal stalking horse against the Linux community by Microsoft. The cunning plan went horribly wrong for SCO and their supporters

mobility@LSE – mobile interaction & pervasive social devices

Inventories raise ‘R word’ worries – Semiconductor slowdown is the canary in the cage for the technology sector. A recession in micro-chips usually indicates a tech sector decline in the next quarter due to tight supply chains 

Yahoo says online media market weak | CNN Money – Sep. 19, 2006

Yahoo launches ad campaign –