Branding crisis

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Technology journalist Peter Coffee has written a great piece on Brand Identity is Precious where he points out some great examples of how technology and media players have made smart and dumb branding decisions. Coffee’s article implies that getting maximum brand value is purely a structural thing:

  • Sony shouldn’t have its component businesses called Sony because of the blowback that can occur on the core electronics business
  • PC makers shouldn’t have given up 60 Billion USD to Intel with ‘Intel Inside’ and its interesting to see that there is no Intel Inside badge on any of Apple‘s machines

Coffee’s article doesn’t touch on the role that careful management of brand reputation before, during and after a crisis can help a brand resist the impact of crises.

Apple has easily weathered being battered on share options investigations and a battery crisis of its own. On the other hand according to a journalist that I spoke to HP has had a historically poor reputation with the media which as exasperated the crisis of trust that the company is currently experiencing.