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Mastering your inner spiv

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I had a brief discussion with one of my colleagues about JCPR, which was prompted by the agencies parting of the ways with client Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.It was remarked that JCPR didn’t have the kind of high profile that they’d had previously.

JCPR still do good work but are not as visible as Exposure, The Fish Can Sing or Slice to name but a few hot shops.

A top-flight consumer PR agency is no longer a PR agency, but an integrated marketing agency building campaigns with a mix of advertorials, marketing supplements, web sites, experiential marketing or stunts and supported by media relations.

This expertise will be concealed by a smoke-screen of terms like passion, belief, enthusiasm etc in their marketing literature. Good strategy and execution are required. Once these have been demonstrated for one or more trusting clients, it will give prospects the courage to think outside the box.

Most importantly, these shops have mastered the ability to keep a client supporting a good idea that falls out of the traditional media relations remit even when it becomes difficult and or expensive and prevents them from losing their bottle.

Like edgy PR programmes, social media campaigns need a similar kind of courageous clients and a willingness to keep their nerve whilst their colleagues are at their wits end lamenting not spending the money on a few extra Google ad-words.

There is a lot that a thrusting PR 2.0 consultant can learn from their consumer cousins.