Nice idea, shame about the execution

Reading Time: < 1 minute

We have a Benjy’s around the corner from the office and they serve a humungous cup of joe for a measily 99p. I have two cups a day to keep me running. I noticed an advertising campaign for chip giant Intel by tabletalkmedia.


The idea of advertising on coffee holders in central London was really clever, unfortunately the execution didn’t match the idea. This was an advert aimed at consumers so where does it go wrong?

  • The image on the left that Intel went to the both of printing in full colour is a blown up silicon die, and no, Joe Public probably doesn’t know what it is or the significance of it
  • The strapline is ambiguous ‘It’s all about energy’. What does it mean?
  • Why should you the consumer care?
  • What about the usual association of energy and beverages (Lucazade, Red Bull etc)?

This may work at a trade show, but it shows no awareness of how to market to consumers and business users. Some people just have more budget than sense.