Disintegrated marketing

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Last Friday I sung the praises of Starbucks joined-up thinking for their big Christmas push, however looking more closely the wheels look as if they have come off the Starbucks marketing wagon:Sort out a visual theme for Christmas marketing push. Nice


Order in merchandise from the Far East. Looking good.

Starbucks Christmas

Register domain name for integrated online element of the campaign. Like your thinking

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Integrate domain name into artwork for maximum customer engagement. Sweet, most of this web 2.0 thing was started in coffee shops like ours with wifi connections, we might even sell some overpriced hotspot time. ;-)

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Launch Christmas campaign into shops with supporting web presence….

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  • Poor project management?
  • A web site that didn’t meet the client brief?
  • Scared of a possible clash with Product Red?

I don’t know. Priceless…

On the bright side I guess the marketers at least know that people pay attention to their packaging. Anybody else got any good marketing campaign disconnects? Put the details in the comments section.

If there was a site there, it hasn’t been up for the past two days, up to early this evening the page said Plesk instead.