Breaking Vegas

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I managed to get the time to do some reading and can recommend Breaking Vegas by Ben Mezrich, it treads on similar territory to his previous books but is written in a more mature style without losing some of the tension.

Point of sale

I noticed an interesting point-of-purchase at a Starbucks, the company is rolling out a global loyalty and payment infrastructure. The potential of the card and the scale of ambition on this is impressive.

Basically Starbucks have their own payment infrastructure like PayPal which could be used to sell more than a granola bar and venti half-decaf-soya-latte with a shot of caramel on the side. It would be handy for road-warriors, exchange students and travellers.

A second element is the Tesco Clubcard-like loyalty card data wrapped into it, feeding back into a database that feeds into a global database.

Blogger had been flaky all weekend which gave me the time to read. The problem seemed to be only with Firefox, however it gets tiresome when you have to clear the cache, cookies and browser history several times in one session just to log in.