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Feels like Siberia

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I have come home to Birkenhead just across the Mersey from Liverpool. I have found it hard to find a decent cup of coffee and a wifi hotspot. In fact I have had to go down the M53 to find a Starbucks at a large retail park in Ellesmere Port.Connectivity is 5GBP for 60 minutes, which reminds me of the old cyber cafe near James Street station that I used to check my emails in nine years ago before moving to London.

Understandably, I won’t be posting again until I get back home, I am still getting email on my phone via a patchy GPRS connection and I am sure that my newsreader will be overflowing by the time I get back online again.

I had a look at 3G data cards, but at the moment they don’t support the ExpressCard socket on the MacBook Pro.

Feels like Siberia.

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Links for 2006-11-24 [My Web 2.0]

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